This ancient massage style is intrinsically linked to Ayurveda,yoga and India,where it is believe this style originated from over 2500 years ago.

Duaring the course of the massage a practitioner applines rhythmic pressure to your body by using their hands and forearms.
Some practitioners may also use their legs and feet to hold you in place,as they manipulate various parts of your body.
The massage generally the “Sen” or meridian lines of the body,a technique that is similarly seen in Chinese massage methods.

A full Thai massage session,pleasurable for some and painful for others,typically lasts two hours or more ,and may include pulling fingers,toes,ears,cracking the knuckles and even walking on your back, as well as the streching of your body into many yoga-like positions.

Chiang Mai,in the North of Thailand,is famous for a massage style that incorporates many streching movements,whilst a southem Thai-style massage may focus more on acupressure techniques.

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